Kelly Rowland Talks Being A Simple Girl, Not Dating Celebrities, Cooking, Shopping, More

Besides a few paparazzi moments on Miami Beach and her latest single "Dirty Laundry," Kelly Rowland is a very quiet person when it comes to her personal life. In a recent intimate chat with Singersroom's founder Jus Music, without spilling too much, the R&B beauty opened up about the kind of men she likes, dating, traveling, cooking and more.

On Doing More Films Like Seat Fillers: I would love to do another film. When the right opportunity presents itself, and I'm suppose to, then I'll do a film.

On Dating a Regular Guy: All it takes is a conversation…Someone who is genuine, that's important, someone who has humility, someone who doesn't take themselve too seriously, humor is important.

On Dating a Normal Guy, Not A Celebrity: You look at somebody's heart and their intellect and how they want to grow as an individual, as a person, in their lives, those are really important factors. I don't care about the other part, that's just fluff…That's just me, I would rather not date anybody famous and have my little personal life.

On Being a Simple Girl: I'm a simple girl, I don't have to have something crazy extravagant. If you find me a nice pretty spot in the park and you take me on a picnic, I'm gonna love you. That's romantic. Or find a place to go dancing or take me to an art exhibit…that's beautiful.

On a Memorable Date: My date that I can remember is this guy taking me to go see the stars. I was a beautiful night, I was nervous because it was by the ocean, and the stars was so bright this night. He chose this specific night, like he looked into it, the weather, when the stars would shine the most…he made sure that it was going to be a nice night. We had a nice picnic, it was nice.

On Places She Likes to Visit: Home, I love my home in Miami. I love to visit New York in the summer time, I love to visit the South of France…anywhere with a beach really.

On Places She Likes to Eat: There's a place in Miami called Mandarin, it's a little Greek restaurant, the atmosphere of it is so nice, it's really romantic…I can't wait to go home so I can go to Mandarin.

On Her Favorite Dish: It would be fish and vegetables because that's all I eat. I'll make a really good fish or fish taco.

On Fashion Style: I do whatever I want, I'm a very moody dresser, If I feel like wearing a dress that day, I wear a dress, If I feel like having black on from head to toe, I do that, I just dress for me.

On Favorite Places to Shop: One would definitely have to be Bergdorf Goodman, but I like little boutiques where you'll find one of something,

On Things to Do on Downtime: Cook! I like to cook. I like to spend time with my family…spending time with my family and friends is always the best.

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