Chris Brown Battle Neighbors By Appealing Murals Citation, Calls On 1st Amendment

Chris Brown is fighting back against his neighbors. The Grammy winner has appealed the citation he was slapped with last month by the city of Los Angeles for his "unpermitted and excessive signage," murals he painted on the walls outside his Hollywood Hills home.

Battling neighbors, who complained that the artwork of graffiti monsters are scary, Brown's attorney Mark Geragos filed the appeal, claiming that the murals are works of art on his clients property and therefore, did not warrant the citation.

"The murals painted on the exterior of the structure are for the sole purpose of enhancing the architectural and aesthetic features of the residential property," the appeal stated. He continues, the "murals are the reflection of the homeowner's aesthetic taste and a reflection of free speech and expression protected by the 1st Amendment…"

As previously reported, last month Brown's neighbors complained their children were scared of the murals, but he dismissed it insisting, "There are scarier creatures on Harry Potter. Get a … life!"


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