Monica Returns To Studio: ‘I Work Like A Soldier, Pregnant or Not’

Even though she's carrying a baby, Monica is going hard in the studio and she won't stop unless the word 'labor' comes in to play.

"Last time I was pregnant we had a top 10 hit so, this is a good thing. I work like a soldier pregnant or not. So when I go in the booth pregnant is secondary, other than his fear of me going in to labor while I'm here (recording)," Monica shared during a recent studio session captured by Global 14.

Working hard to craft her follow up to "New Life," Monica has enlisted both Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox for the album.

Even though both of them are happy to be working with Monica again, in video below Jermaine Dupri admits that her baby bump, and the possibility of her going into labor, makes him nervous.

"I'm nervous about that sh–. I ain't gone lie," said JD.