Singersroom Presents: Netta Brielle -The Introduction (Part 1)

New comer Netta Brielle is ready for the world to take heed of her star power. The Oakland California native, who comes "from a family that is heavily involved in music," is using her past experiences (things she's been through and/or seen) to motivate her creative process. The Atlantic Records new signee will also draw inspiration from R&B's golden era.

"I like to think of my sound as R&B, I love R&B music, I was brought up on R&B music, specifically 90's music, I love that era of style and sound and tone…just that whole era of music, it just inspired me in so many ways," Brielle says in the below clip.

Brielle, who says she "beat the odds of some many things, you couldn't imagine," seems very grounded, and she wants people to relate to her as an artist.

She adds: "The main thing I want people to know about me is that I'm just a normal girl who always wanted to be an artist and always wanted people to relate to me as that."


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