Sean Garrett Says Miley Cyrus Has ‘Evolved,’ Talks New Music

Sean Garrett has nothing but nice things to say about Miley Cyrus and her forthcoming album.

Speaking of the former "Hannah Montana" star recently, Garrett said she is "daring" and "doesn't have fear" when it comes to her music.

"I was really surprised to see how down to earth and just how cool Miley was. I just had a lot of fun. She's another artist who is daring. She's only 19 and she doesn't have any fear in her eyes for what she's trying to do an d I love her music because it's definitely Miley," Garrett shared in an interview with Fuse. "She just knows what she likes."

Taking on some of the feedback Miley has received in recent weeks, Garrett went on to say "I feel like she's evolved."