Janelle Monae Gets Real On ‘Fame’ and The Music Industry in Billboard

Janelle Monae has goals, but becoming an "it girl" or the "most famous" person is not one of them.

Opening up in a candid interview inside the latest issue of Billboard, Monae says one of goals is to make music on her own terms.

"I never liked people telling me what to do. I also wanted to own something: I've always had this thought of owning my own label, of being in charge of my words, my art, everything you hear," Monae shared in an excerpt. "My goal wasn't to be the most famous person overnight — it was to make music on my own terms, develop myself and understand if my words were necessary to young people like myself and to make my family proud."

In related news, Janelle Monae's anticipated album, "The Electric Lady," is due for release in September. It will be her first release in three years.