Miguel Drop Kick Victim May Have Brain Damage, Producers Cover Tracks

Producers of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards are covering their tracks after it was revealed that Miguel's drop kick victim may have suffered brain damage. According to TMZ, Miguel was told not to attempt the sizable jump over the crowd during his performance because it was "dangerous."

The site says: "We're told Miguel approached producers before rehearsals and asked if he could try to jump over the crowd during his performance but producers shot down the idea, telling Miguel it was just too dangerous."

As many witnessed during the airing of the show, Miguel allegedly ignored the producers' feedback and took the leap anyway, which resulted in him leg dropping audience member Khyati Shah, slamming her head against the stage.

Shah has already hired attorney Vip Bhola and is considering legal actions.

Miguel Jumps on Fan at Billboard Music Awards 2013

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