Miguel Says Post Billboard Jump Interview Was ‘Inhumane’

He's not necessarily upset with Billboard Music Award producers, but Miguel does feel that it was sort of inhumane (or just poor taste) to interview the fan he accidentally fell on last month.

According to Miguel, the interview was organized by producers and he just went along with it because the fan, who could have been injured, decided to go ahead and talk about the accident.

"Are you serious?" Miguel shared, saying that was his response to the producers. "That's kind of inhumane, but interestingly she was a really good sport about it… I was like super uncomfortable."

Looking back further, Miguel says the entire incident, jumping and actually landing on fans during a performance of "Adorn," was mortifying.

"Day one. The day of. I was mortified. First of all because you have to remember I'm still human. My natural inclination was to be 'Are you okay?' That's the natural thing to do, but the professional part is you have to finish the show," she shares in video below. "Had I stopped the show it would have been even worse. It would have been extremely worse on national television. Can you imagine? It would have been mayhem. So I finished the show, rushed to the girl as soon as the camera pops off and (it's) are you okay? Come on. Let me take you to the infirmary. I escorted her myself. Never mind who was around or anything."