Rashad Talks About Breaking Musical Rules, Ohio, making Moves To NYC and More

Yes, Rashad Thomas is one of the Columbus Kings. This interview is just as much about Ohio and their musical tradition as it is about the rapper, singer and producer, Rashad. He knows his music and has a vision on where he wants to go. "We were just the young guys [in Ohio]. I was the one that could play and I could hear notes. We picked up rules. But I was breaking those rules," said Rashad. It is his ability to break rules, his time in the game and him paying homage to his musical fore fathers that has given him his unique sample heavy smooth style.

It seems his journey has molded him into the artist he is today. Being dropped from RCA as a 13 year old gave him the opportunity to grow. "I was signed as an R&B artist but I had this whole Hip Hop identity… the label did nothing with it," said Rashad. He would later link up with fellow Ohio native, Stalley on various projects.

Three Reasons He Rocked With Stalley:

  1. He was working with Damon Dash.
  2. I liked his music.
  3. He was making amazing videos with creative control.

Rashad ability to be a jack of all trades has helped him buzz in the industry. Let's see how far he will take his skills and abilities. Stay tuned.