Jermaine Dupri Declares Mishon a Leader of the R&B New School

Mishon wants to join the club of duo talented individuals whom are respected for their acting and vocal abilities; It is a short list. As an actor, he has landed roles in the film (Note To Self), television (Lincoln Heights) and theatrical performances (A Fool And His Money) – a solid resume.

Now that he dropped a few mixtapes, he is assembling the creative team to develop his first album at Columbia. Mishon has tapped So So Def chief Jermaine Dupri to executive produce the album. Dupri has a knack to guide young artists and transform their creative energy into solid albums.

"I'm really excited about this project because all I hear is people talking about the want for good R&B and his vocals and key knowledge are so up, that I can give him songs that most can't do," stated Dupri.

Dupri fully backs Mishon as an artist that can enhance the genre of R&B. "He will definitely become one of the leaders of the new school," Dupri adds.

In February, Mishon celebrated Valentine's Day with the release of 'The Gift.' The 15-track set includes a mix of ballads and mid-tempo love songs, making for a great Valentine's Day playlist.

A tentative release for Mishon's debut album on Columbia is scheduled for October.


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