Fantasia – Without Me ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott (Lyric Video)

Fantasia drafts Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott to back her up for a girl power anthem in the song “Without Me” from her latest LP Side Effects of You. The lyric video chumps a cheating lover down to size in the form of text messages during the wee hours of the morning. The upcoming video with all three women should be a dope visual!

"We were in the studio all night, I was the only girl, there was nothing but men in the studio and I was feeling some type of way. I had just gotten a call about something and I was feeling a way, so I remember telling Harmony, 'I need something gangsta.' Once I got in the booth, the lyrics just came out," Fantasia told Singersroom about how "Without Me" was birthed. "Everyone was excited about the song after we finished it and when we came back in, we were like, we should get some different girls on it; first person that dropped in my mind was Missy."

On why Fantasia chose Missy first, she adds: "You know, I've been with Missy since I won [American Idol], so we've been friends ever since. I've always said I would never do any album without Missy, whether she was producing or being on the record with me."

The final piece came together when Fantasia and Kelly Rowland ran into each other. "I remember seeing her out and about one day and we just began to talk. Me and Kelly can relate in a lot of ways, she's winning right now, she's killing right now, she's a strong black woman with black features, we relate in that way, and we said let's do something together. So we sent the song to her and when it came back, I was so happy, she killed her verse. I knew this song would be my first or second single"