Blackstreet’s Chauncey Black Files Lawsuit Over Use of Group’s Name

It’s no diggity, no doubt about to go down on the legal front for the members of beloved R&B group Blackstreet.

Member Chauncey “Black” Hanibal is suing fellow member Teddy Riley for rights to the “Blackstreet” name, reports TMZ. Black claims Riley has been performing under the moniker without Black’s permission, since he recently bought the rights to the group name.

A spokesperson for Riley claims that Black’s claims are “ridiculous. At this time we have no comment on any of the ridiculous and frivolous claims apparently being made by Chauncey Andre Hannibal aka 'Black,” said the representative.

This news follows the lawsuit between En Vogue when members Cindy and Terry sued Maxine and Dawn for $1 million for performing under the En Vogue name which they claimed they owned. Their suit was recently settled, the courts siding with Cindy and Terry.

Blackstreet is scheduled to perform at the 2013 Essence Music Festival on July 4-7. Let’s hope all air is cleared before then so there won’t have to be tension felt on stage!