Parliament-Funkadelic’s George Clinton Lands Reality Show ‘The Clintons,’ Will Follow Legal Struggle, Family

George Clinton is the latest veteran musician to announce he and his family will star in a reality show. But before you roll your eyes, this might be something worth watching!

After being forced to sell four of his songs to pay off lawyers, Clinton is legally fighting to get the copyrights back to his music catalog. Clinton (behind James Brown) is one of the most-sampled artists in the industry who has not received proper compensation. His hit "Atomic Dog" has been sampled in approximately 50 songs alone!

As it turns out, many of his grandchildren are also musicians, and the show will highlight the fight to regain his masters and his grand-offspring’s musicianship. At 72 years old, Clinton is still going strong but wants his legacy to be the importance of owning and fighting for the rights to their music.

He spoke with Uncut Magazine, “I’m doing a reality show with my family, with my son Tracy, my six grandkids, Scott Thompson, Brandi – it’s a big family thing. A bit like ‘The Osbournes’ but most of them are, like, musicians, rappers and everything. We got to come up with new ways to get the music across, so we’re doing this reality show. So we can expose all the noses out there, stealing the copyrights and taking people’s music and money. This is all gonna be part of the reality show, the copyright fight, plus we still kicking ass onstage.”

Check out the clip below where the Parliament Funkadelic icon expanded upon his reality show, called “The Clintons” while on Bishop Don Juan’s radio show.

No word on when or which network will air the show….will you be watching?