Teedra Moses’ “Can’t Be Luv” (Behind The Scenes Video)

Teedra Moses has always maintained a sexy yet sophisticated energy. It comes out in the way she speaks, sings and in her carefully crafted visuals. These visuals represent who she is as an artist and individual. After almost a decade, Teedra's die hard fans finally get an opportunity to check out a behind the scenes visual from her highly anticipated album, "The Empress Collection". We had the oppportunity to get a sneek peak at the new music video for "Can't Be Luv".

“It’s a short film … not a video. I like less performance and more of letting the person that is singing the music give a visual. Letting the people know where the music is going,” says Teedra Moses.

We can't wait to see the full length video which will be released soon. Stay tuned!!!