Mariah Carey Kicks Off GMA Summer Concert Series, Has Live TV Mishaps (Video)

Gotta love live TV!

First, Miguel accidentally drop kicks an audience member at the live taping of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 19), now this morning, Miguel joined Mariah Carey for their first performance of the single “#Beautiful,” and the performance wasn’t without its live TV mishaps.

After beginning her set with her hit “Always Be My Baby,” Mimi’s sparkly, pink gown “popped” in the back; an awkward moment, but Mariah made it comical in a way only she can. “What do we call this moment? The Central Park Saga? …Seems like a Youtube moment, possibly Spotify even,” Mariah joked.

Back from the break, she then performed “We Belong Together” before welcoming Miguel for their smash duet “#Beautiful.” But before their performance, Mimi made the censors cringe when we hear her say “Oh sh*t!”…“You didn’t hear that,” quickly replied, then proceeded to sit for the entire “#Beautiful” performance, maybe to prevent anything else from happening.

Check out the comical moments that kicked out GMA’s summer concert series thanks to Mariah, and watch her and Miguel’s debut performance of “#Beautiful” below: