Cee Lo Green Upset Over Booing of Justin Bieber, Confirms New Record with Janelle Monae

Cee Lo Green is not happy about people booing and disrespecting Justin Bieber.

Addressing Sunday's Billboard Music Awards, where he appeared to present an award to the "Baby" and "Boyfriend" singer, Green said it wasn't cool to downplay or boo the kid.

"I was just wondering why they were booing him and not showing him the love and affection that he deserves. He's a great kid. A talent," Cee Lo told Billboard. "He's done well… I don't appreciate that (booing)."

In related news, Cee Lo is not only working on a new album with Goodie Mob. He is contributing to Janelle Monae's next album.

"I just did a song with Janelle (Monae) for her new record too," Green shares in video below. "So, check out for that."