Rent Fashions Approved by Beyonce via ‘The Beyonce Boutique’

No one wants to admit they’ve bought clothing and kept the tag attached for a one-night-only event, only to return it shortly afterwards. But now you can claim temporary ownership to clothing without the shame, AND look like Beyoncé in the process! (the leading online retailer for designer clothing and accessory rentals) has teamed up with Beyonce for her own section on the site called “The Beyonce Boutique” where you can rent some of Bey’s favorite fashions from the Rent The Runway site.

“Making women feel confident and beautiful is something I've always been passionate about. That's why joining forces with Rent the Runway was so organic. It's more than just access to beautiful clothes; it's about making women look and feel their best,” Beyoncé said in an official statement.

And just what do her choices consist of? Short, party/cocktail dresses suited for a girls’ night out or date night with your significant other. Prices stay mostly in the $50 to $75 range, with one Moschino dress going for a $400 rental price ($2995 retail).

To browse B’s full selection of feakum dresses, go to Rent The Runway.