Miguel Confirms New Music, Return of ‘Art Dealer Chic’ and Clothing Line?

Miguel is stepping up to the plate this Summer, planning to release not just one, but three editions of "Art Dealer Chic."

"I did a small project called "Art Dealer Chic" last year, at the top of the year. It was a series of three free EPs over the course of three months. We'll being doing that this Summer, releasing new music for the fans online," Miguel confirmed at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday.

With the first EP due in July, Miguel is lending his talent to fashion, designing and planning to debut custom apparel.

"I'm paring it along with a few apparel items that I've designed myself. Things you can wear in the Summer and Fall. It's going to be great," Miguel shared.

Following the release of his apparel, Miguel will drop the second and third EP parts of "Art Dealer Chic" in August and September.

"It'll probably start in July and it'll be "Art Dealer Chic," the next three installments… rad times ahead!" said Miguel.