Chris Brown Defends Justin Bieber, Talks Vocal Struggle at Billboard Music Awards

Chris Brown had a big night at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, performing a rendition of his latest single "Fine China." While he struggled with the performance at points, it was nothing in comparison to Justin Bieber, who got booed during an acceptance speech.

Reaching out to Bieber, Chris Brown told him to focus and forget about the naysayers.

"Congrats Justin Bieber. Focus and f— the bullsh-t. Love ya boy," Brown wrote via Twitter, encouraging his friend.

In related news, Chris Brown acknowledged the fact that there was a struggle with vocals during "Fine China" Sunday night. Admitting that he was a little "hoarse," Brown said everything else went good.

"Lil hoarse for the performance but it happens. Good sh-t otherwise," said Brown.

As previously reported, Chris Brown will take the stage at the BET Awards 13' next month. His album, "X," is due later this year.

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