Tyrese Talks Double Standards, Performs ‘Best of Me’ on ‘Jeff Probst Show’

Even though it's 2013, are there still double standards when it comes to men, women and relationships? According to Tyrese, there are double standards, in terms of how men and women are treated in sexual and social situations.

"I think most guys grow up in an environment of men where our motivations, when it comes to women, it's very different. If a cheerleader were to have sex with five guys on the football team, she's not only going to be attacked by the guys, she's going to be attacked by her cheer leading friends too. She's going to be called every name in the book," Tyrese shared in an open and honest interview on "The Jeff Probst Show" earlier this week. "Now if the football player were to have sex with six of the twelve cheerleaders, he's the king of the campus. So, he gets cheered on by the guys and vice versa. So, the motivations behind the exchange is very different and these are the validation issues that a lot of men seek from a lot of men that can sometime end up deadly."

In addition to discussing relationships, promoting his best-selling book, "Manology: Secrets of Your Man's Mind Revealed," Tyrese spoke briefly about the upcoming "Fast & Furious 6" movie.

"The fans love it. I think after arguably rebooting the franchise after "Fast Five," we felt a certain level of pressure to do six and took it to a whole 'nother level," Tyrese told Probst. "It's coming on the 24th, Memorial Day weekend. We just hope we don't let y'all down."

Last but not least, watch Tyrese perform "Best of Me" on "The Jeff Probst Show" in video below.