EXCLUSIVE: Fantasia Talks Personal Album, Almost Quitting, Toni Braxton Not Doing Music, More

'Side Effects Of You' is not just another album for Fantasia, it's a record that sees her coming full circle with all her trials and tribulations, all while cleansing her soul of the "drama." With creative support from musician Harmony Samuels, singer-songwriter Emeli Sande, and more, the American Idol winner was able to contrive a personal narration of her life, but in a way that uplifts and enlightens her "fam." Check out the video; below are some excerpts from the clip.

Completing Her New album: It means a lot…It means I don't have to sit and tell anybody what I need them to know, they can get it in 'Side Effects Of You.' I'm talking about everybody…Ever since I won Idol it began to be rough. It just started getting really public [in] 2010. Whether it was true or false, there was stuff everywhere. 'Side Effects Of You' is a relationship, side effects of the family, the industry, all the things that I've dealt with I was able to put it in this album.

Approaching Side Effects Of You Creatively: I kept saying I didn't want to go back in the studio until I was able to do what I wanted to do. I stood strong on that because, being in the game for so long…It just got to a point where I didn't wanna do what everybody else are doing…I knew that I wanted to stand strong on what I loved and believed in musically. I'm a music baby, I was born into music, my mother, my father, the whole family, first cousins K-Ci and JoJo; everybody sings…I want to show my people who've been following and supporting me for this long what music is to me…I always wanted an album like Michael did with Quincy Jones…Justin Timberlake when he gets with Tim[baland], you could just tell that they're on one accord…It was a struggle, a fight; finally they were like ok, 'let her loose and let's see what she comes up with.' I got with Harmony Samuels, he's another young man that's amazing musically, he plays every instrument, he is my baby Quincy Jones. I was able to get the album I always wanted, and that is "Rock, Soul."

Her strength: I used to say fans, but they've been with me so long now, so I say fam. On the days that I just feel like I'm over it, I always end up meeting somebody…and they literally just pour it all out…It's just different situations that they use that let me know, ok, this is why I do what I do, to inspire people through my music, through my story, so that keeps me going because there's a lot of times when I'm like, 'I'm over it, deuces'.

Toni Braxton Quitting Music: I watched the Braxton show and I was listening to Toni Braxton…she was talking about how she lost the passion and the love for music, and I almost broke down and cried. You look back at all the things she's done, and her talent is amazing, and for somebody that was born into music, literally is music, to say that they don't have that passion anymore, it broke my heart, and I think that comes from all the other drama and all the other dumb stuff that comes with the industry now…For me, I don't ever want to get to that point, and I was almost at that point! I'm here to bless the people that listen to me.

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