Teedra Moses Breaks Down Maybach Music Situation, No Official Signing

As we await the new album from Teedra Moses entitled, The Empress Pride Collection, due out June 25th, we have the pleasure of listening to some of her new material such as "Can't Be Luv". Teedra has matured in her crativity over the years, but kept the same voice, style and depth her fans love. Many people may know that she has consistently been releasing music and has been collaborating with various artists such as Maybach Music Group’s Wale and Rick Ross. People have also heard throughout the recent years that Teedra was down with the MMG team. Teedra had the opportunity to breakdown her affiliation with MMG and how she will be moving forward.

“It was never an official signing with me and MMG," Teedra told Singersroom. "Ross seemed cool and he was courting the situation. I sang on some records and we continued to court it but nothing official ever came about. He started saying I was a part of MMG but it was never solidified. Nothing bad happened it just never came together. I’m a person that tries my best to pray and follow what God wants me to do. Some people could and would make me famous and could give me other things. There are people that would put in the effort but I want to stand on something … a movement. I want to stand for the idea that love, dreams and life is possible. I do some negative things but my heart is always coming from a positive place. Whatever God has planned for me it will come to fruition. I will f*** with MMG forever. Ross spoke my praises to a lot of people and I will forever be grateful for that. He helped to open a lot of doors for me. I am on a path to follow God and he will take me where I need to go. My heart does not desire fame but if it has to happen then I will be famous. But more than anything I have a strong desire for people to hear my words and voice!”

Regardless, if she is MMG or not, Teedra still represents for the ladies and what they are going through. We just have to wait and see what magic she comes up with to follow Complex Simplicity, which dropped over ten years ago.

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