Celine Dion Talks Michael Jackson, Addiction To Fame and Teases New Music

Celine Dion is ready to break a several year hiatus with brand new music in the coming months. Following a lengthy and successful run of Las Vegas shows, the award-winning recording artist sat down with "Katie" recently to talk about life, love, fame, her new album and the late Michael Jackson.

While you can watch much of the interview below, here are a few highlights.

Fame is like a Drug —
"I started right there (at the top) dreaming about everything and then coming down the steps one at a time with people reassuring me that whatever you see out there, whatever you hear, this is not reality. Show business is wonderful. We have a good time and when it's over, the adrenaline is so high. It's like a drug. You have to be able to surround yourself with the right people. Those people are my mom and dad, my sisters and brothers, Renee and the people he has chosen through the years. They took me off this ladder. They gave me a helping hand to bring me back down and say 'Celine. What you saw and what you did was wonderful. Good job. Now let's go home'."

The Pitfalls of Show Business —
"We're not partying. Everybody is going to say yes to everything you want and that's what happens. You lose yourself… It's unfortunate. I never wanted to be part of show business. I wanted to do my job, because I love what I do very much. When I go to bed at night, it might take me a few hours to not hear their applause anymore or not see what happened before the show or after or during, but when I'm home there's something that takes over that powerful thing. The laughs of my children. The laugh of my husband… you have to have that here. You have to have a foundation. That's the main thing."

Michael Jackson —
"I think most thought that he was very sick and very weak and all that. When I saw the movie I was shocked and very disappointed that he was gone because I thought he was more than sharp (when he came to Vegas). He was top shape."

As widely reported, Ne-Yo has worked on new music with Celine for this new album. Watch a teaser clip from a studio recording session below: