KeKe Wyatt Almost Quit R&B Divas: ‘They Was Getting on My Nerves’

The anticipated second season of TV One's "R&B Divas" was almost short a diva.

Opening up in a recent interview, KeKe Wyatt admitted that she almost quit the show due to drama and fighting.

"I wasn’t really going to come back at first because they was getting on my nerves fighting and carrying on, and I thought this show was supposed to be not all that crap. So they told me that it wasn’t going to be like that this season, which that was a lie, but whatever. I’m on there," Wyatt shared with Cocoa Fab recently.

That said, if a third season is greenlit it sounds like KeKe might opt out. Or maybe not. "R&B Divas" is a platform that has actually helped her music career.

"I think that it’s a great platform to do what I’m trying to do, so my main mission in life is to reach people and what better way to reach people (than) through television and music?" she admitted.

"R&B Divas" is due to return this Wednesday, May 1 on TV One.