Fantasia Gives Up ‘Fantasia For Real’ Mansion, Album Set For Major Debut

Fantasia sings "sometimes you gotta to lose, to win again" on her recently released album, "Side Effects of You." According to TMZ, the Grammy winner has let go of her prized North Carolina mansion, notably featured on the VH1 series "Fantasia For Real."

According to court documents, Fantasia gave up on the nearly foreclosed on house, releasing it to the bank, after failed attempts to sell it for a year.

"Barrino has had long-standing troubles with the home. In 2009, the former "American Idol" winner almost got foreclosed on, but dodged the bullet at the 12th hour. Last April she put the house on the market, with an asking price of $800,000 … $500,000 less than she paid for it," reports TMZ. "According to court docs, Barrino transferred the deed over to the bank in February … skipping the foreclosure process and jumping right to the part where she loses her home."

While the home might be gone, Fantasia has some good news to celebrate. Her fourth studio album, "Side Effects of You," is slated to arrive atop the Billboard R&B Albums chart next week.

Projected to arrive with sales at or above 90,000 copies, the album is a follow up to 2010's "Back To Me." It features songs like "Without Me," "If I Was A Bird," "End of Me" and "Lighthouse."