CNN, Ne-Yo Praise Beyonce In ‘Leading Women’

Beyonce has been deemed a leading woman in a new special that is airing on CNN. Part of the special aired Tuesday, featuring commentary from figures like Ne-Yo and fashion maven June Ambrose.

"Every time you see Beyonce, every time you hear Beyonce, you're expecting to see or hear the best thing you've ever seen or heard, you know from a female artist standpoint," Ne-Yo told CNN's News Stream.

Focusing not only on Beyonce's talent, but her keen business sense, News Stream looked at Beyonce's versatility as well.

"Beyonce is also a business and a brand. From music to film, fashion endorsements and more, how a hair dresser's daughter from Houston, Texas became one of the most powerful and inspirational women in entertainment. Where she is now is on the Forbes list of the world's most powerful women with her own fashion line plus multimillion dollar endorsement deals for everything from perfume to Pepsi, her influence spreads beyond her music," Lu Stout shared.

Looking at Beyonce's fashion and impact on pop culture, June Ambrose also weighed in.

"Beyonce's impact on pop culture, you know, not just within the music industry but in the — I think in terms of the beauty industry I think in terms of fashion, she's becoming really the poster child in terms of her brand being so well rounded," said Ambrose.