Rihanna On Cancelled Tour Dates: ‘I’m Sad and Disappointed’

Rihanna is saddened by the turn of events that prompted the cancellation of several dates on the U.S. branch of her Diamonds World Tour this week.

After cancelling shows in Boston, Baltimore, Houston, and Dallas due to an illness, the starlet told followers on Instagram, "I was sick since San Diego! I kept working cus I thought 2 days off after the Vegas show would be enough time to recover and I f**ked up, those were 2 days off from hell and today is no different!”

Then after cancelling the fourth show in Houston, she wrote "I'm sad and disappointed about it!! I had all kinds of plans for Houston!!!"

But some fans aren’t taking RiRi’s explanation well after photos of the singer and her crew partying in Vegas surfaced online. Sources tell The Sun that Rihanna was warned to slow up on all the partying after suffering a bout with laryngitis at the tour’s start. “Rihanna's illness was so severe that doctors warned it could take months for her to fully recover," the insider told The Sun, "There were worries that she'd have to cancel her entire tour."

Photos of RiRi leaving a medical center brought about rumors that the singer is pregnant, but her reps have denied it.

No word on whether more US dates will be cancelled.

Check out photos below of Rihanna leaving a medical center on Tuesday.