JoJo on Her Record Label: “They’ve Stopped Communicating With Me”

JoJo has not released an album since her 2006 sophomore effort, The High Road, but if it was up to her, the people would be soaking up a new LP. In an interview with The Rolling Stones, the singer-songwriter says she would love to release a project through the proper cycles, but because of her record label, she's caught up in a fire storm.

"Well, I haven't recorded an album in so long that I don't recall what it's like. But I want to release an album with the support of a reputable company, one that has distribution, pays its bills and has respect in the business," says Jojo. " It's hard to flourish as an artist when the industry as a whole wants nothing to do with the label you are signed to."

Things are so atrocious with JoJo and her label that there are no communication between the two. "I don't have a relationship with Blackground. They've stopped communicating with me, and they're unable to promote, market and distribute an album," she adds.

We feel for JoJo, maybe she should link with Drake and write a diss record, one similar to her rendition of the rapper's "Marvin's Room," which she says was due to a guy.

"One morning in New York, I was really hung over. I drank too much because I was really f**ked up over a situation with this guy. And my best friend called me: "You've gotta hear 'Marvin's Room' – it reminds me of you." I wasn't in the mood to listen to anything, but he forced me to listen to it, and I was immediately inspired to get on my phone to write down what I was feeling at that time," JoJo says about her take on the well received record. "I wasn't ballsy enough to tell him what I felt, but that song gave me the courage I needed in real life."

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