Rihanna Receives Hate Mail, Angers Dallas Fans With Canceled Show

Rihanna has officially angered a lot of her fans, especially those that purchased tickets, hotel rooms and gas to see her in Dallas, Texas this week.

Following canceled shows in Boston, Baltimore and Houston, Rihanna canceled her planned show in Dallas, just hours before it was to take place.

"Update: Unfortunately Rihanna is unable to perform this evening in Dallas due to illness. Please hold tickets pending a rescheduled show," Live Nation confirmed Tuesday night.

That late notice has led many fans to attack Rihanna via Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Some messages have been emphathetic, but a lot more are not as friendly because people say she knew she was sick and it is unprofessional to wait three hours before the show to cancel.

"What the hell @rihanna !! You knew you were "sick" yesterday, why did you wait 3 hours before the show to cancel? Thanks for nothing!!" said one fan.

"Any REAL artist would throw up on the stage before they cancel like whata b—h @rihanna," another fan wrote, addressing Rihanna via Twitter.

All of that said, some fans are now questioning what Rihanna's priorities are.

"Her priority is drinking, smoking, drugs, instagram & chris," said an upset fan.

"@rihanna «««— sells out arenas & cancel on people.. What about the people who actual like you?" another fan questioned.

It's unclear if Rihanna is going to cancel any more shows this week. She was photographed going to a doctor's office Tuesday.

Nonetheless, one fan says Rihanna might as well cancel all of her shows.

"@rihanna maybe you should cancel the whole tour. No one needs to see your lazy dance moves," she wrote.