Love Doctors: Mindless Behavior Says It “Feels Good” to Promote Love

They may be teenagers, but their music offer a plethora off love advice to their worldwide fan base. Like most R&B groups before them, Mindless Behavior is comfortable entertaining hearts, and they're not afraid to share their knowledge, a deed shown in their singles "Mrs. Right" and "Valentine’s Girl."

“I think that’s really cool, for me,” band member Ray Ray “I really like to adapt to the love life thing because I think it’s really important overall. I think it’s really dope.”

“I think it’s really interesting, because there’s not a lot of 16, 17 year old boys giving love advice to people all around the world,” adds Princeton. “Usually people our age are in high school, going through those regular problems and not knowing what to do about it. And we’re out here, promoting the positive about it. It feels really good. We’re glad that we’re expressing it through an artistic way. We’re not just talking about it, we’re singing about it and performing through it.”

MB is not just spreading some made up love potion. The guys are actually doing their due diligence by surveying and following other greats acts.

Member Roc Royal looks up to Jay-Z and Beyonce because "they're both successful," Ray Ray likes Miguel, insisting "he’s extremely dope when he writes records about love," Prodigy loves the feelings you get from a Michael Jackson song adding, "You can feel his emotions brushing off on you," and Princeton looks up to John Lennon for his " message about equality and humanity."

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