Cassie Talks Not Liking “Me & U” at First, Competing With Rihanna, and Beyonce Friendship

Today marks a monumental day for Cassie with the release of her long delayed mixture, RockaByeBay. The singer/model has been plotting her comeback over the past 4-5 years, but she has been met with many roadblocks, one being finding her sound as an artist.

Prior to this new mixtape and its supporting singles "Numb" featuring Rick Ross and "Paradise" featuring Wiz Khalifa, Cassie released several singles that failed to chart or gain radio play. Many continue to compare her current body of works to her debut smash single "Me & U," a song that garnered her popularity around the world.

"I think mentally with really considering I was 18, 19 years old. I’ve put out several records and singles on both my labels since. I really have tried a lot of different things. I feel like it was time to complete something that was for my supporters and for myself, for once, and not really have to worry about living up to “Me & U” because “Me & U” is such a staple record," Cassie shared to XXL mag.

A massive song indeed, but Cassie almost missed the road to stardom after disliking the single at first. She adds, "I didn’t like “Me & U” when I first cut it. That’s the funniest thing to me in the world. Like after I heard it, I was like, “I sound so monotone. What is this?” You know what I mean? Everyone fell in love with it. I don’t set myself up to feel like I have to hit an expectation of some sort. That’s why I wanted to make it vibe-y and it be a mixtape and not be an album and just give it to people."

With help from label boss, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Cassie has been finding her sound and continues to group as an individual. "He’s helped me a lot with this project in trying to find where I fit in the world. I don’t know a better way to put that. [Laughs.] But, definitely. We work together," she says.

As far as finding her musical lane, Cassie has no plans to be like Rihanna or Katy Perry, but she plans to bust her butt to be competitive.

She adds: "I don’t consider myself in the running. I consider myself such an underdog. Rihanna is seven albums in. She is non-stop working. I have been too, but on a totally different plane and level. Just not out, all over the world like that. I really started focusing on something. I would go away from it and come back. I’m just really a perfectionist with everything. So I don’t consider myself in the running with them. Hopefully soon! I’m working towards that. I think they’re all really awesome."

As she continues to prepare her sophomore album, Cassie is thankful to several people who has helped her remained inspired, one being superstar Beyonce.

"She's shown me so much love over the past years, just telling me she loves my voice on records, she loves my tone – you can't really beat that. You can't beat Beyonce loving one of your records," Cassie told Global Grind. "It's so dope. She's a sweetheart, she really is. I've been around her a few times and hung out with her in different situations and she's so down to earth so, it really feels good that she feels that way about my records."

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