Sisqo Readies Summer Release, Talks Techno Music

Sisqo is not giving up on his long talked about album "Last Dragon," a follow up to his 2002 release "Return of the Dragon."

Teased for release last year, the album is still on Sisqo's plate, with the possiblity of being released to fans this Summer.

"I've been working on the album for a minute but the timing just wasn’t right to come out. Last year was the year of the dragon. That would have been perfect but it still wasn’t the right time. There was too much going on for when we were trying to drop. In the music industry you have to catch the right quarter. It’s like double dutch," Sisqo shared during an interview with Soul Culture.

With a single on the way as well, Sisqo says the album will be filled with music that he has been working on for the last three years, including a little techno inspiration.

"A lot of the time people say my music is ahead of its time. My album is compiled of a lot of music that I started working on three years ago and it’s relevant now. The whole techno’ thing – I started experimenting with that three years ago. It wasn’t even really that mainstream popular. Now everybody’s doing it," said Sisqo.

In related news, Sisqo is currently touring with Dru Hill. Upcoming dates include a show at The Dome at Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT (April 20) and a stop at Rams Head Live in Baltimore (April 26).