Jarvis Talks Career Struggles, Staying Inspired, Banking on Music, and Being Creative

One word to describe R&B singer Jarvis is "fighter." Signing his first record deal at 15 years old with Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Imprint, then moving on to Ludacris' DTP to his new home at Capitol Records, the "Make a Little Room" hitmaker had never wavered when his career was rocky. An artist who always put music first, Jarvis has used his growth as a man and real life experiences to become the artist he is today. With a duty to be creative with his art, Jarvis chats with Singersroom about his career from 15 years old until present, staying inspired through the ups and downs, giving music all his love, and more.

A New Beginning: Life is great…going on a real roller coaster, but I'm excited about it, excited about the music, excited about the video, excited about Heartache mixtape, excited about the single "Make A Little Room,"…just excited to really live this journey.

Watch the music video to Jarvis' "Make A Little Room"

Overcoming Career Struggles: I'm going to be honest, the ups and downs and the struggle, they made me the artist that I am today. That's part of why I called the mixtape Heartache, you put so much love and passion into anything, and It don't go the way you wanted it to…it's like that, it's like a heartache. It's like something you love so much and so passionate about, and in a way it doesn't show in the return, that feeling is one of the most hurtful feelings ever…Although I'm considered a new artist, I've been through a lot, I've been doing this for a minute, got my first record deal at 15, signed to Jermaine Dupri…I've paid my dues.

Growing and Staying Inspired: Between my first deal when I was 15 to now, I've been able to grow so much and actually live life a little bit. When I first got into the game I was a kid, I didn't know what I wanted to sing about, I just know I wanted to sing…Over time being able to just live life, learn, figure out who I wanted to be, what I wanted my sound to be…All of that attributed to the artist I am today. In a way, I'm thankful for how it all went…everything happens for a reason.

Betting It All On Music: I never had a plan B…I have other interest, I'm a big time sports fanatic…I'm a sneaker head…I really never had any other thought. When me and Jermaine split, I was about to turn 18, coming into my own, about to be a man and figure out what I wanted to do. At that moment I was like, I don't have anything anymore…even in that very moment, I wasn't like let me go and do something other than music…it always was 'ok let me just get back in the studio.'

The Return: This past year (2012)…everything was just right and it felt that way. This journey has definitely been one with ups and downs, but where I am today, I have no regrets.

Being Creative on Upcoming Album: I feel like the creation process, when it comes to creating an album, the art has been lost, it's watered down; people chase a single. I feel like, now more than ever, especially in R&B, we need to start chasing ideas again, full cohesive bodies of work, storylines, and that's what I want to get back to. There's a few great artist out there doing it right now, Miguel and Frank Ocean, even Kendrick Lamar, who is a rapper…I just want to put passion and emotion back into music.

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