Rita Ora’s New Album Inspired by Relationship

Rita Ora, The 22-year-old "Radioactive" singer, recently opened up about the power she has in regards to her music career. She says, "When it comes to my look, my music and the videos I have 100 per cent control over it. If I make mistakes, have a little slip, I blame myself."

Ora believes she’s in her element. Following her acrid break-up with Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardishian’s 26-year old brother, due to being publicly accused of sleeping around, Rita warned Rob about her getting back on her feet after their split in December. She didn’t let that stop her, in fact, I’m sure that added to her motivation.

She explained, "If I had never made it, which I kind of think I haven’t yet. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but it’s a great start… I personally couldn’t have done it; it’s so tough singing in front of four figures, the crowd and the public. I would always keep just grinding, but I do understand why people do it."

Rita has a new album dropping soon in the U.S.! She says, "My next album is about me being 22, growing up in this industry really fast, and being in a really shitty relationship, and all the shit I had to deal with."

Despite the three No. 1 Hits she already acquired, Ora shows her humble ways by expressing the fact that she is still a beginner in the fame game. Better known as Jay-Z’s protégée, she is glad to get things done in her own fashion.