Former Michael Jackson Doctor Wants License Back, Talks Addiction and Injustice

Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted and sentenced to four years in prison, for his role in Michael Jackson's death, says the late entertainer was "loaded up" with levels of demerol prior to his death. On top of that, he feels that he has encountered "injustice."

"There was some other issues… I didn't know he was an addict, he was going to Dr. Kline's office and being loaded up with humongous, you know, levels of Demerol. And that was his addiction. And basically this was causing his insomnia and — because that's a huge side effect," Murray shared with Anderson Cooper, on AC360, Tuesday.

According to Murray, who claims that he has not been supoenaed to testify in the upcoming AEG trial, Michael Jackson was not on a Propofol infusion, like the public might have believed, nor was propofol available to him to self inject.

"Let's talk about that. First of all, I did not leave Propofol for him to access. I did not leave Propofol for him to reach and get it. I did not leave Propofol in a drip. There was nothing like that. Even though Dr. Schafer during the trial said that he could have gotten up and used a roller, and open up, and somebody said he could reach up and find it, I left nothing such — no such item in his reach. He was not on a Propofol infusion or a drip. Not at all. Absolutely zilch," Murray insists. "Basically, when I left Michael, there was no further requirement for me to monitor Michael. There was no monitoring requirement for a patient who does not have heart failure or cardiomiopathy or some other condition where they have fluid retention, they have renal failure that requires monitoring when you're on a normal saline drip which is plain salt water."

All of that said, Conrad Murray hopes that there will be proper justice and that he will be able to re-obtain his medical license.

"Anderson, I pray that, you know, hopefully there will be justice in this case because so far, I have only encountered injustice, and if I would prevail in my appeal and given another chance, I will do my utmost to totally set this aside and hopefully get back on the track where I will continue to help," said Murray.