Erykah Badu Slams Papoose Over 10 Year Old Song

Erykah Badu has plenty of songs, including popular tracks like "Window Seat" and "Next Lifetime." She's also had collaborations with a number of artists, but she was a little surprised when rapper Papoose dropped his album last week, featuring a song that she had recorded ten years ago.

Taking to Twitter, Badu addressed the song and the fact that there was no paperwork done for it..

"This Papoose song Cure. I sang those vocals 10 years ago. That's 2 babies ago. Sheeeit. So mcs just throwing out old material- no paperwork," said Badu. "They already have the cure by now."

Despite feeling a way about the song's release, Erykah Badu retweeted Papoose, promoting his album on her timeline.

"Getting INCREDIBLE response on the album thanx 2 EVERYBODY who bought it really appreciate the support," Papoose wrote.

Papoose's new album, "The Nacirema Dream," is available now.