Sheryl Crow Talks Dionne Warwick Bankruptcy; Calls For Royalty Changes

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Should recording artists be paid royalties even if they did not write a single word in a song? According to Sheryl Crow, the recent plight of Dionne Warwick is sad and something has to change…

"Dionne Warwick does not get paid for her beautiful recordings when they are played on the radio. She had to file for bankruptcy… Sad – US doesn't pay artist/musicians for their performances on radio. Only writers are paid. We need to change that," Crowe shared on Twitter recently.

As widely reported, Warwick filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this week, citing a mounting multi-million dollar debt crisis. She is making money from touring, but allegedly receives no royalties from play of certain songs in her catalog…

Is Sheryl Crow right? Does something need to change?

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