Chris Brown Teases ‘X’ Tour, Album With ‘Substance’

Chris Brown plans to give "110 percent" on his next tour and the wait for that trek won't be long.

According to Chris Brown, a tour will be launched in support of his soon-to-be-released album, "X," after 2-3 singles have been released.

"That will be the first thing that's mandatory after the singles come out. I want to put out at least two, three singles to give people something to with, then from there we can tour. Between this album and with the catalog of songs I have, a tour would be phenomenal. I'd bring my 110% A game," Brown told Billboard in a recent interview.

In related news, Chris Brown is not worried about over saturating the market or becoming too popular.

"A lot of people don't know my work ethic. I do nine to 10 songs a night when I'm in the studio. It's like painting for me — I can never have enough of it when it's a record I love. I've had my share of assists, but I don't look at the star power in it, I don't look at the status of it, because I might do a song with a new artist that nobody's ever heard of or a song with an established artist that people might think isn't "in" right now. It's all about the music."

That being said, Brown's new album, "X," is going to be filled with substance, because he believes that, that is missing in today's musical landscape.

"Hopefully, as a whole we can bring music back in general. I wouldn't say just R&B. I still love music, but I think we're at a place where there's no substance sometimes to our music, including mine too," said Brown. "There needs to be more subject matter, more of a message in music. And we need to be able to inspire the youth. If youth doesn't have anything to look up to or forward to, they just run rampant. So hopefully, in a positive way, I can still do my thing musically and touch the masses."

"X" is due for release later this year.