Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law Hospitalized After Suicide Scare

After posting a suspicious status on Facebook, family members of Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat Houston, had her hospitalized after she was found passed out in bed with a bottle of pills nearby, reports TMZ. Pat has called the incident a misunderstanding.

Houston wrote on her Facebook page, “Sometimes you just feel like giving up on life and its many challenges. And for the first time in my life…I’m tired…and I want to finally rest. I love you guys.”

Family members saw the post, called and texted Pat with no answer. They then called 911 after going to her house and finding her passed out with the pill bottle. When cops arrived, Houston awoke and explained that she had taken pain meds for a sore back, turned off her phone, and went to sleep.

Pat assured it was stress that led to her FB post, but she was taken to receive medical attention and released shortly after.

Houston took to Twitter to personally clear up the misunderstanding by tweeting, “I’m very tired and need much needed rest, but not Rest in Peace.”