Blake Shelton: Usher Could Win This Season of ‘The Voice’

With four coaches, four personalities and tons of talented contestants, who is actually going to win the currently airing season of "The Voice"? According to multi-season winner Blake Shelton, Usher might just have a chance.

"Adam (Levine) and I have always kind of lolly-gagged through this thing – not taking it too seriously or anything – just had fun with it. But, we got into the blind auditions, and Shakira and Usher were very serious and determined to win this thing. Adam and I looked at each other as if to say 'Damn. Alright. We see how it is now," Shelton told Billboard recently. "They've been paying attention. I guess I thought they would come rolling in like Cee Lo or Christina with all the gimmicks like they had, but they came in with one mission – to win this thing. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them does."

As seen on the season premiere Monday, Usher secured two contestants to Adam Levine's one. He even used his resume, Justin Bieber and a little charm to garner contestants for his team.

Still, Blake Shelton ended up being the top pick for contestants that likely look at him as "thee coach" to win with. After all, Shelton coached two contestants to success, winning the competition and a coveted recording contract.

"The Voice" is airing Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.