Justin Timberlake’s Manager Talks Album Leak, Overexposure and Secret Shows

Justin Timberlake's team was really invested in his just released album "The 20/20 Experience." Not only did they successfully prevent a major leak of the album, they actually kept the songs and everything under wraps for over six months!

Justin's manager, Johnny Wright, spoke about the album in a recent interview, claiming that no one was willing to ruin what was bound to be a successful project.

"I mean, the people that Justin worked with were people that are his friends and have been a part of his life forever, and they all share in the common goal of, we don’t want this leaking out. We know what a surprise to the world this is going to be, and it’s also a part of our hard work that we sat in the studio night after night, day after day to work on. So no one’s going to try to ruin it. And we made everyone that was working on the album aware of what our plans were and how we actually wanted to market it, and everybody was super excited about it. So for someone to want to jump the gun and do that — there was no malice like that, because everybody stands to win. We just did it the way we all talked about doing it, and that’s the way it was," Wright shared with Billboard.

Now that the album is out, and is on track to have this year's best first week sales, Wright says he's not worried about overexposure. He'd be more worried if people said they didn't know that Justin Timberlake was back and had album out.

"The worst thing that I can hear is, “Oh, I didn’t know Justin had a record coming out.” That’s the kiss of death. So for me I would rather people say, “Hey, I see this everywhere and know that it’s coming” than say “I didn’t know anything about it," said Wright.

As seen over the last few months, Justin Timberlake has been pretty much everywhere. From the Super Bowl to the Grammys to "SNL" and "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," there has been no shortage of Justin Timberlake and that has apparently worked and it was by design.

"We’re not doing half the stuff that I’ve seen other artists doing. I just think we were very strategic [in] the type of programs we’re doing. The Grammys are the biggest music program of the year, so we do that. We happened to do a private party [during Super Bowl week] — which wasn’t even something that we were doing to promote the music, it was for his charity — but it got a lot of coverage. That wasn’t a part of our marketing plan, it was just something that we did. The radio partnerships, too: Our record’s still on the move-up. We’re still trying to match the thing with Bruno Mars or Rihanna. So I don’t think that we’re overexposed in that situation. I just think, again, because we had a short window, it seems like a lot of things coming on top of each other," says Wright.

That said, Wright is looking forward to things calming down a bit, but insists that Justin has a lot more in store, including the roll out of the new Myspace and initiatives that he plans to introduce that will help other artists. One of those is the re-introduction of secret shows.

Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience" album is on track to sell over 700,000 copies first week.