Johnny Gill Addresses Gay Rumors, New Edition on ‘Unsung’

Johnny Gill opened up for the first and last time when it comes to rumors about his sexuality and how it made him feel. Appearing on TV One's "Unsung," Gill said he learned a valuable lesson when people began to associate him with being closeted, "on the D.L. (down low)" and more…

"In some strange way it was kind of like some kind of lesson that was learned. I mean we used to all sit around laughing and making gay jokes. As I got older and realized, it was like 'hey, that's not cool," Gill told TV One.

Looking back at the amount of articles, blogs and stories about him being gay, Gill says he tried to ignore it.

"I thought: it's going to go away. It didn't happen. As a matter of fact, the more you tried to ignore it, the harder it was becoming," said Gill.

Watch Johnny Gill, on "Unsung," below:

Following the episode, Johnny Gill said that was the last time that he will address those issues…

"I really hope everyone enjoys it, it's the first and the last time I will ever do this," he said via Twitter. "I hope everyone enjoyed the show and thank you guys so much for allowing me to be a part of your lives!!!"