Aaliyah’s Music Involved in Legal Tug of War

Not only are things not set in stone when it comes to an Aaliyah film and posthumous album, but there’s still some legal issues over the ownership of her music. The singer has been gone for over a decade, but things are shaky when it comes to her music catalog.

TMZ reports that a music publisher called Reservoir Media Management is suing a record company called Craze Productions for selling Aaliyah’s songs via the internet without their consent.

Reservoir, who acquired ownership of the songs in 2012, claims Craze has been illegally selling songs from the late songbird’s albums Aaliyah and One in a Million on iTunes. They want to collect the funds owed to them as well as halting Craze further from selling any more Aaliyah music.

Can we get these issues straightened out, please, so we as fans can enjoy the legacy she's left behind without drama and controversy?