Producer Hit-Boy Reveals Inner Workings of Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’ Beat (Video)

What's a vocal without the various rhythms, instruments and beats to enhance it? In that case, we'd be A Capellasroom. Ok, corny, but you get the gist; if it's not for the musical accompaniment, it would seem somewhat incomplete. In this modern day age of digital recorded music, we've predominantly switched out composers with producers.

That being said, to highlight the contributions of all producers out there that don't get as much shine as the singer on their tracks, the creator behind Beyonce's "Bow Down" (super producer Hit-Boy) made a video to show how the beat was made. He let's in on all the different sounds and flavors that went into making the track. Step into Hit-Boy's musical lab to observe how he put together each sound to form Bey's single that's the topic of so much discourse.