Alicia Keys: ‘I Know What’s Important To Me Now’

Alicia Keys says there will be no more wavering when it comes to her career and personal life because she knows exactly what she wants.

Speaking candidly, while on the "Set This World On Fire Tour," Keys said "It is easier for me to make choices (now)."

"I now feel like I am writing from a place of deeper understanding. You can't understand emotions until you live them. I think I am open more now. Now it is easier for me to make choices, whereas before I would bounce around for days and days wondering, 'I dunno, should I go for this thing? Or do that thing?' Now those decisions are easier because I know they're so much more important. I know what's most important to me now," she told Gambit.

As previously reported, Keys will be touring with Miguel throughout the Spring months, in support of the hit album "Girl On Fire."

Tickets are still available for most dates.