Josh Xantus – Drunkkkk

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Did you forget to lock your cell phone? Big mistake not to because of a snooping beau, but the accidental ass dial can lead to the demise of a relationship. Josh Xantus was left singing in mumbles after an accidental call lead him to his favorite top shelf liquor. "I received an unexpected call from my girlfriend while I was recording music. It turns out she called me by accident, but while listening to her talk to someone else I assumed she was cheating," Josh stated. A real life moment that unfortunately inspires creativity.

Along with "Drunkkkk," Josh X has been leaked "Wake Me," "Technology," and "Breathe" from his upcoming project 'The Antidote.' He co-created the music on the mixtape with Music Man Ty, Los Da Mystro and Swizz Beatz.

Producer: Josh Xantus
Album: The Antidote