Sevyn Streeter Talks Signing to Chris Brown, Cheating Boyfriend, Bad Sex, More

Sevyn Streeter stopped by “The Breakfast Club” this week to talk about everything from her old days singing in groups and being managed by Chris Stokes to songwriting and working with Chris Brown.

The 26-year-old Atlantic Recording artist has made a name for herself as a writer, writing a number of hits for Brown (“Strip,” “Wet the Bed,” and “Yeah 3x”), Alicia Keys’s “New Day,” and has penned tracks for Brandy, Kelly Rowland, and Estelle. Now branching out on her own solo endeavors, the R&B singer is hitting the scene with her first single “I Like It” off her debut solo album.

Catch up with what Sevyn had to share below:

How She Met Up with Chris Brown…We actually had the same management. I was in a group before this called Rich Girl and Tina Davis managed my group and she also managed Chris, so we were literally at the same studio one day working and I asked him if I could come and write with him and he said yeah. So I’ve just been writing every since.

Working with Chris Stokes…You know what it was, I didn’t see anything weird, it was very professional. I was in a sister group to them…It was cool, it was great, it was a great experience for me. It was my first deal so it was great.

Signing to Chris Brown Despite His Controversy…You know, no. I just feel like at the end of the day I’m about my music and about work and about professionalism and so is he and we work very well together, so it’s been great.

If she ever Cheated…I haven’t, I’m not a cheater. Honestly, I would tell you. If I ever cheated I would tell you. I’m not a cheater.

On Her Ex-boyfriend…You know what it just didn’t work out that very well. He messed up.

If he Cheated…He did, he messed up.

If She Would Write about her Ex…I will Taylor Swift that hoe in two seconds.

Catching Him…You know what we ended up breaking up and it came out afterwards.

Angela Yee then initiated a game of 76 seconds with Sevyn.

I got my heart broken when…I got cheated on

It’s so much better raw…No, It’s not, it’s never better like that.

My favorite position…I like to mix it up

My celebrity boyfriend would be…Oh, I’d say Trey

Please don’t compare me to…Just all of the brown skin girls. We’re brown skin and we’re different in our own right.

My porno would be called…Seven Ways

My drink of choice…Vodka

My secret fetish…I don’t know, I don’t really have a secret fetish.

My worst sexual experience…I think everybody’s first time is their worst sexual experience. Yeah, My fist was my worst.