Ne-Yo’s Ex Files Defamation Lawsuit for ‘Behind the Music’ Claims

An ex-girlfriend of singer Ne-Yo is suing him for defamation of character for breaking a confidentiality agreement for dishing about the paternity suit regarding their son Chimere on his episode of VH1’s “Behind the Music.”

Jessica White (not the model), and Ne-Yo welcomed a baby boy in 2005, right when Ne-Yo music career was taking off. After prodding from his mother, Ne-Yo took a paternity test, only to find out, the child was not biologically his. Things got even messier because White listed Ne-Yo as the father on the birth certificate. The couple settled in court with Ne-Yo handing over $575,000 and signing over a confidentiality agreement. According to the mogul’s “Behind the Music” recollection, White then disappeared, leaving Ne-Yo heartbroken:

“I didn’t care who the father was. In my mind I was still Chimere’s father. I was there when he was born. I saw him when he first came out. I held him,” he said. “In the state of California if you put yourself out there as the father, the mother can then come after you for child support like you’re the biological father. We settled out of court for what I feel like is an ungodly amount and shortly after that Jessica and Chimere vanished.”

Now, White’s lawsuit states that, because of Ne-Yo’s breach of the confidentiality agreement and his remarks from the 2012 airing, she’s been called “c**t,” “bitch,” “pathetic” and “gold-digging b*tch,” and that she has lost employment opportunities as a photographer and graphic designer. The suit also states she needed to use financial aid and she is "beset by nausea, vomiting, and hair loss" because of his nationally-aired statements. TMZ reports another portion of the suit claims that Ne-Yo intentionally pegged White as “an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child … so that she could fraudulently bilk him of ‘ungodly amounts of money.’”

The amount White is suing for is undisclosed.