K. Michelle Back To Red, Talks Pleasing With New Album and Love & Hip Hop

R&B singer and reality TV star K. Michelle is not going to worry about pleasing everybody when it comes to her music and the upcoming second season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

According to the "Rebellious Soul" singer, you can't please everybody no matter what you do…

"I'm just now getting to the point where I feel like I’ve given too much. I’m tired of giving. It’s like when you get on a show you tell your story and then you get beat up when you’re trying to help people — it makes you realize how we are in society… and it makes you kind of be like ‘damn, I didn’t know society was that f—-d up. Being on that show and giving my all … it’s an easy transition within the music to just be honest," K. Michelle shared with Cocoa Fab recently. "They’re going to take it or they’re not going to take it. You’re never going to please everybody in life and you’re never going to please anybody in music."

In related news, K. Michelle is working hard to craft her Atlantic Records debut, which is expected to be released around August of this year. It will be her first full length album to date, following the release of two well receives mixtapes (including the 2012 effort "Zero Fu*ks Given"). She's also back to rocking red hair (as pictured).

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is due to return later this Spring, but as previously reported, it might just be her last season on the show.