Berry Gordy To Completely Retire After Broadway’s Motown: The Musical?

Berry Gordy's upcoming "Motown: The Musical" could be his last major endeavor. Gordy spoke with Billboard recently, indicating that the musical is something that he's always wanted to do and in some ways, it completes his proverbial bucket list.

"Most likely it will be my last major endeavor in a creative way. Of course everyone disagrees with me when I say that statement. This is probably the epitome of everything I've done – that I've wanted to do," Gordy told Billboard Monday.

While it might be his last major creative project, don't expect Berry Gordy to sit on the sideline and watch it all play out. He is co-producing the musical and will be working to make sure it runs smoothly.

"I did the Broadway musical mainly for, I think, the people around the world that believed in me when they had no real reason to other than the music that they heard and loved," says Gordy.

"Motown: The Musical" begins previews Monday at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.